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Business Dashboard: unpairing a device
Business Dashboard: unpairing a device

Learn how to unpair your device in the Airthings for Business Dashboard.

Updated over a week ago

To unpair using the business app, follow the steps in Business app: unpairing a device.

To unpair your device, you need to navigate to that device in the dashboard. In the menu on the left, choose Buildings and click on the Building you would like to unpair the device(s) from.

Go to the tab Devices and click on the device you want to unpair.

On the Settings tab, scroll down and click "Unpair Device".

Press Unpair again on the following screen and you have successfully unpaired your device👏.

After you have unpaired a device, the historical data will be saved as a Past measurement at the bottom of the device page. You can still see the historical IAQ - data by clicking on the device name. You will also find the option to delete the past measurement.

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