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Introducing “Spaces” - a simple way to map your entire building portfolio
Introducing “Spaces” - a simple way to map your entire building portfolio
Updated over a week ago
Animation of the spaces layer appearing between a building and a device.

We’re updating how you view your devices within your buildings, regardless of portfolio size. This new concept, Spaces, introduces a new layer within your buildings.

Using Spaces is simple. You simply create Spaces for the rooms or areas you plan to monitor, and then add devices to each Space as a separate step.

Creating Spaces before installing devices on-site means that devices can be added to each Space without the need to spend time manually adding their details. If preferred, you can also create Spaces when installing devices.

For existing customers: Please be assured that there are no breaking changes; your devices will remain devices in the dashboard, and now each belong to a Space instead of "just" the building. We’re confident that Spaces will help us to deliver even more value to our customers, while also streamlining the installation process.

That’s not all – alongside Spaces, we’re also introducing a new and improved overview of the latest values together with a new graph experience.

Drawing of the updated graph, which focuses on one sensor only. Includes threshold bands to highlight ranges out of range and outdoor temperature data to compare with.

How Spaces works

Creating Spaces and adding devices

  • Once a Space is created in the dashboard, you can either add device(s) to it in the dashboard or via the AfB App.

  • In the app, you can either add devices to Spaces created in advance or create a Space when adding the device.

  • A Space supports up to 3 devices, so a large open office with multiple devices can now instead be one Space with multiple devices.

  • If you are an existing customer, we have created a Space based on the name of each device and establish a link between the new Space and the original device.

Moving or removing devices

  • Devices can easily be removed from a Space. The Space will keep the historical data collected up until the point of removal.

  • You can also move a device from one Space to another. The old Space will keep the historical data collected, and new data will belong to the new Space. This means you can rest assured that none of your building data will be lost.

Space properties

  • Spaces support custom properties and standard properties such as floor and area.

  • Create custom room categories that match the reality of your buildings, or create completely custom properties to segment tenant sections or anything you can imagine.

Insights, reports, and alerts

  • We’re still working on leveraging Spaces to improve our insights, reporting, and alerting tools.

  • For now, these will work as today by selecting devices. New devices added will inherit the name of the Space to ensure everything is backward compatible.


  • These changes will not impact you if you use our REST API, Webhooks, or MQTT integrations.

  • New devices added will still belong to a Space in our system (unless added via REST API).

  • We will explore future support for leveraging Spaces via integrations.

Questions or feedback? Reach out via our messenger or email us!

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