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Business Dashboard: use of the floor plan
Business Dashboard: use of the floor plan

Learn how to add devices to the floor plan and compare the sensor values of different rooms

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With the Business Dashboard from Airthings, you can easily upload a floor plan of your building and add all of your Airthings devices for a comprehensive overview of your indoor environment.

By uploading a floor plan, you'll be able to see exactly where you've installed your devices, allowing you to compare sensor values in different rooms and get a good understanding of the distance between the sensors and the Hub.

Upload the floor plan

To get started, navigate to the "Buildings" section of the dashboard and select the building you want to upload a floor plan for. Scroll down to "Floor plans" and click "Add floor plan."

From there, you can upload a JPEG or PNG file of your floor plan, give it a name, and hit "Submit."

You have now uploaded your first floor plan! Since there can be multiple floors in a building, you can also upload multiple floor plans by repeating the steps above. If you want to switch to a different floor plan, pick the one you want under Select floor plan:

Adding devices to the floor plan

Once your floor plan is uploaded, you can add your devices by clicking Add Device and selecting the device you want to add. You'll then be able to click on the corners of the room where you've placed the sensor and complete the drawing by clicking again on the starting point.

Below you can see this process:

With all of your devices added, you can use the filter to compare sensor data in different rooms for a clear understanding of your indoor air quality:

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