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Business Devices: Region settings
Business Devices: Region settings

Learn more about the Business Devices, their region settings and how to change them

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Smartlink communication and preset region settings

The Space sensor devices and Space Hub establish communication through Smartlink radio signals. The radio frequencies employed for this communication vary across different regions.

The Hub, in order to determine the communication region, interfaces with the cloud and retrieves this information from the Business Dashboard/App, based on the building address provided.

Sensor devices typically come preset with a specific region, and their packages are labeled accordingly. The labeled region is crucial for determining compatibility and communication frequencies. Devices featuring colored stickers beneath the battery cover are pre-programmed with a specific region, denoted as follows:

  • Blue: EU / UK / UAE

  • Red: US / CA

  • Black: Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, and Thailand

  • Yellow: Australia / New Zealand / Japan

  • Green: India

  • No color: No specific region

If you attempt to connect an EU sensor device to a Hub registered with a US building address in the dashboard, communication will not be possible due to the devices transmitting signals on different radio frequencies.

Changing/setting device regions

For devices without a preset region (no colored sticker) or for changing the region, the Airthings for Business app is essential. Using this app, when adding a device, your phone connects to the device via Bluetooth, allowing you to set or change the region settings.

The device's region aligns with that of the building to which it is added, not where you physically are.

For instance, if a device is preset with the EU region, you can use the Business app to add it to a building with a US address. This action automatically adjusts the device's region to the US, enabling communication only with a Hub registered in a building with a US address.

To add a device using the Business app:

  1. Make sure the device is not registered to an account.

  2. Ensure the device is powered.

  3. Be close to the device for Bluetooth connection.

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