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Business Devices: mounting options
Business Devices: mounting options
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here are two ways to mount a device to the wall:

  • For temporary installations, you can use the included double-sided tape.

  • For permanent installations, we recommend using screws for wall-mount

Before installing, you should always assess if the included 3M command strip is sufficient, or if the wall or placement of the product requires screws for secure mounting.

3M command strip

How to apply

Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol. Do not use household cleaners.

Remove the red liners, and press strips firmly onto the back of the device.

Remove the black liner, and press the device to the wall for 30 seconds.

  • The Space Pro and Space CO2 require 3 strips, placed in the grooves around the screw holes.

  • The Space Plus requires 1 strip, placed in the center of the back plate.

Place the sensor

  • Where you would like to measure the air quality! The device itself is recommended to cover (but not limited to) less than 50 square meters.

  • Within the range of the Hub. SmartLink protocol can easily penetrate 3 thick concrete walls/floors or 10 drywalls in an office building. Old industrial constructions or deep underground areas may be challenging and should be evaluated first.

  • At a height of 1.1 - 1.80m (Breathing Zone)

  • With a screw for permanent installations or the included 3M adhesive for temporary installations.

Avoid placement in proximity to

  • Large metal objects/cabinets

  • Doors or Windows

  • Fresh air supply

  • Sources of heat (i.e. radiators) or humidity (i.e. showers)

  • Outer Walls

  • Direct sunlight

  • High sources of VOC (i.e. whiteboards, cleaners, air fresheners)

The devices should never be mounted on the ceiling. Ensure that the device cannot fall onto someone or something and cause damage. Products should not be mounted above 2m. Exception is Space CO2 mini, which If absolutely needed, can also be placed > 6 ft (1.8m) above the floor, but in this case, the device must be screwed into the wall.

How to remove

Remove the device from the backplate, and twist the backplate carefully sideways until it loosens. Never pull towards you, as this may leave sticky adhesive on the wall.

Specifications of the 3M command strips

Good for humid environments: NO

Material: Foam

Weight capacity: 1 pound (0.45kg)

Where to mount

Surface types:

3M commands strips are best suited for flat surfaces to ensure strong adhesion. If the command strips fail, there are stronger adhesives available on the market that will provide a much more robust attachment. However they may not be as easy to remove or potentially damage your wall or back plate. As mentioned in the business manual; Airthings does not take responsibility for improperly installed devices.


For permanent installations, we recommend using screws to wall-mount. Use flat-top screws (the backplate hole is 4 mm) where the length and plug type is highly dependent on the wall material.

Example for a Space Plus.

See the examples below

When using the double-sided tape, it is crucial to press the back plate against the wall for at least 30 seconds. We have abbreviated this step in the video demonstrations for the sake of brevity.

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