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Business Dashboard: time over threshold
Business Dashboard: time over threshold

Monitor trends, discover patterns, and investigate exactly where and when air quality issues happened.

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To see the Time over threshold, you go to Buildings and you choose the Building where you want to analyze the air quality. On the first tab Insights, you immediately see the Time over threshold - charts.

Trend over time

With the Trend over time charts you see when the chosen threshold was exceeded:

  1. Choose the period

  2. Select the threshold

  3. See the chart: In this example, we see when the CO2 exceeded 1000ppm in the building

Click on a red bar to see in which rooms the threshold was exceeded:

In this example, we see that on 22/06 the CO2 levels exceeded 1000ppm in the following rooms: 302 Found, 409 Conflict,...

Click on a horizontal bar to see more details of the specific room/device:

Click on the yellow arrow to see the graph of the specific device:

Total by device

By choosing the Total by device - view, you see which devices have exceeded the chosen thresholds and for how long:

Click on a red bar to see when the threshold was exceeded for a specific device:

Add more charts

You can add up to 5 charts in total for the following sensors:

  • CO2 (Automatically enabled)

  • VOC

  • PM 2.5

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  1. Add a new chart, by clicking on a sensor button

  2. The charts stay in the dashboard unless you delete them by clicking on the bin

Download the data

If you want to do more with this data, you can download it as a CSV file.

Click on the CSV button:

And you can choose which data set you want to download:

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