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Business Dashboard: sharing indoor air quality data
Business Dashboard: sharing indoor air quality data

Get to know the several options to share your IAQ data through our business solution.

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Sharing IAQ Data

There are several ways to share the sensor data from your business dashboard with a larger audience. Here are the best options for each situation:

  • Displaying IAQ data on a screen: Use the Loop 24 Widget to show the indoor air quality (IAQ) data on a screen in your office or reception area. You can display the data from a single room or combine the data from multiple sensors in your office.

  • Sharing IAQ data for a single sensor: Print a QR code for each device that everyone can scan to access the data.

  • Sending a link with IAQ data: Create a public dashboard to share a link with the IAQ data.

Loop24 Widget

Using the Loop 24 Widget is an effective way to share IAQ data with a larger audience, as it allows you to display the data on screens in your office, reception area,... The advantage of this solution is that you can display any content you want, like pictures, videos, RSS feeds,... and also can display the Indoor Air Quality. You can customize the display to show data from a single device or combine data from multiple devices.

You can find more info at

Below you find an example of the Loop24 - solution:

Sharing IAQ Data with QR Codes

If you want to share the indoor air quality (IAQ) data from your Airthings sensors with employees, visitors, or other people, you can create a QR code for each sensor. By placing the QR code next to the corresponding sensor, anyone can scan the code and access the IAQ data for that device.

To generate a QR code, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Business dashboard and navigate to the building where you want to generate QR codes

  2. Under the tab, Settings scroll down to Public devices

  3. Click in the Search field and select the device to make a device public

  4. Select the Public devices and print the QR codes

Once you've created the QR code and placed it next to the sensor, people can scan it with a QR code reader on their phone or another device to view the IAQ data. This is an easy and convenient way to share this information with others.

Making a device Public also generates a link where you can see the sensor values. Try this link to see the result:

or simply scan the QR code below to see the result:

Public Dashboard

In the Business Dashboard, you can create a public dashboard that allows you to share the indoor air quality (IAQ) data from your Airthings sensors. You can share the link with anyone you want, and people don't need an Airthings account to access the public dashboard. You can also open the link on a big screen in your office to display the IAQ data.

A public dashboard can look like this:

Follow these steps to create a public dashboard:

  1. Open the Airthings Business dashboard and navigate to the Dashboard page in the menu on the left.

  2. Click on the yellow arrow and "Add public dashboard" button on the right.

  3. Enter a name for your public dashboard, turn on Public Sharing, and click Add Dashboard.

  4. You are now on the public dashboard and can add or remove tiles. You also have several options available:

  • Share: Generate a link to the public dashboard that you can share with anyone. The link can be opened on a screen to display the IAQ data.

  • Settings: Rename the public dashboard, turn public sharing on or off, or delete the public dashboard.

  • Add tile: Add tiles with IAQ data to the dashboard.

  • Swap dashboard: If you have created multiple public dashboards, you can switch between them here.

  • Add public dashboard: Create a new public dashboard.

  • Reset dashboard: Reset the public dashboard to its original state, including the tiles that were present when it was first created.

Parameters in the link

In most cases, you won't need to adjust the link to the public dashboard. However, if you want to make changes, you can add or modify certain parameters.

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