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Airthings for Business: FAQ
Airthings for Business: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do I receive data from the Space devices?

The Airthings for Business sensor devices sample air every 5 minutes. In order to maximize battery life, the device sleeps for 5 minutes and wakes up again to send a sample package to the Hub which is then forwarded to the cloud and made available within the Business Dashboard or through the API.

What is the battery life of the Space Plus?

2 x AA Lithium batteries provide an estimated 2 year battery life for the Space Plus.

Can I use the data in other systems?

Yes. The Airthings REST API, MQTT or Webhook offers a secure and straightforward method for pulling sensor and device information into your own system. All info regarding integrations is available at

Can I integrate the Airthings data to my existing BAS or BMS?

Yes. The Airthings API contains all commands and information needed to pull sensor and device information into your existing BI solution or as input into your BAS or BMS.

Can I generate a report to share measurement data and analysis with parents and teachers at the school?

Yes. The Airthings Pro Dashboard contains an IAQ reporting feature, allowing you to export to PDF and share your IAQ data in a professional, yet easy to understand method.

Do the sensors have to be calibrated?

No, Airthings sensors are factory calibrated and self-calibrate during use. The drift is within our stated measurement margin of error.

Can devices with a noise sensor store audio recordings?

No, Airthings monitors integrate microphones that sample 60 milliseconds of ambient audio at 6-second intervals. The ultra-short sampling interval makes it impossible to reconstruct speech or even identify the source of the audio. The raw audio samples are collected and used to calculate weighted noise levels in decibels on the monitor. The calculated levels are then sent to the cloud and the data reported is the average of the noise recorded between reporting intervals. The raw audio samples are only stored on the monitor for a few milliseconds and are deleted once the calculations have been performed.

What is the range of the Space Hub and Space monitors?

The range of a Space Hub depends on many factors: distance to the sensor, number of walls to penetrate, the material of the walls, layout of the room. We use low frequency radio which has a very long range and can penetrate thick walls.

In general, we state that Smartlink - the communication protocol the Space Hub uses - can easily penetrate 3 thick concrete walls/floors, 10 non-load bearing walls, or 1-2 floors up/down in an office building.

In terms of distance, we recommend placing a Hub within 50m of a sensor. This is dependent on the number of walls, the layout of the room, etc. The more walls between the Hub and a sensor, the closer you will need to place a Hub.

Do I need an electrician or a building automation engineer to install?

No. The Airthings Healthy Building Solution is specifically designed to be a plug and play, wireless, battery operated solution. Magnetic mounting brackets and screws or 3M Command Strips make installation effortless.

I already have a consumer account, will that be a problem?

No, but you will need to make some decisions. When we create the Airthings for Business "organization" in our system, you will be invited to make a user for that account by receiving an email from us. If the email address we send that invitation to is linked to an existing consumer account, it will be moved to the Business account, and it will no longer have access to the consumer devices because it's not possible to use consumer devices in the Business Dashboard.

If you would like to keep the measurements from the consumer devices you already have, you will have to make a separate user for the Business account with a different email address then the one you use for your consumer devices - so then you will have one consumer user with measurements from your consumer products and one Business user with access to all the new measurements for your Business devices. If you don't need to keep your existing measurements however, you can unpair the consumer devices from your consumer account, and we invite you to the Business account with that email address.

Can a user have access to both consumer and business dashboard?

Yes, that is no problem at all. The consumer account can be created by yourself at while the business solution require an invitation which is sent upon subscription purchase.

Both dashboards are accessed from same login at and you can switch between the account by using the selector down in the left corner;

It looks like this:

Can I use an app to manage my devices?

We recently released the Airthings Business app which allows you to manage buildings, devices, and users. Some features such are reports or insights are still limited to the web dashboard. The app is currently available for Android and iOS.

Do Airthings for Business products support Power Over Ethernet (POE)?

To begin, all Airthings for Business monitors are battery powered and do not require connection to power. The Space Pro and Space CO2 have an optional power input to connect to a USB-C cable if you choose.

The Space Hub is the only hardware unit with an ethernet port. However, it does not natively support POE. In order to make use of POE in your system, you will need to to a POE splitter. Airthings does not manufacture a splitter, nor do we endorse any specific product. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the splitter meets their needs.

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