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Business Dashboard: adding tiles
Updated over a week ago

The Airthings for Business dashboard provides a fully configurable landing page upon login. This page can be configured per user.

Adding tiles

As seen in the figure, there are 5 types of tiles.

  1. Location - provides a number of active devices within the selected building.

  2. Device - provides the most readings of the selected hardware device.

  3. Sensor (graph) - provides a graph of an individual IAQ parameter taken from your selected sensor.

  4. Outdoor air - populates outdoor weather data provided by openWeatherMap. It will highlight the two main AQI effectors.

  5. Outdoor comparison - compares outdoor air quality against the humidity, pressure, or temperature of a selected sensor.

If you wish to monitor several graphs or outdoor comparisons from a single unit you will have to add multiple tiles.

Editing tiles

The sensors graph tiles offer the option of changing the tiles size from 1, 2, or 3 columns. Click on the in the top right corner of the sensor graph tile and switch between column sizes.

Removing tiles

In order to a tile, simply click on the in the top right corner of a tile and select Remove tile.

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