Business Dashboard: Company logo

Learn how to add your company logo and where it will be shown

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In the dashboard, you have the option to upload your company's logo. This article guides you through the process of adding your logo and highlights where it will appear.

Logo Placement

  1. Reports: When you download a report as a PDF, your uploaded logo will feature prominently on the generated report.

  2. Public Dashboard: The logo will be displayed on the Public Dashboard, ensuring consistent branding when sharing insights with others.

  3. QR Codes: When you print QR codes for your devices, your company logo will appear both on the label and on the website that the QR codes lead to.

It's important to note that your company logo will not replace the Airthings/Partner logo located in the top left corner of the Dashboard.

Adding Your Logo

In the dashboard, navigate to Account, tab Organization and click on 'Edit Profile'

Upload your logo and press Save Changes

Enjoy Personalized Branding

With your logo now successfully uploaded, you're ready to take advantage of the enhanced visual appeal and professional touch it brings to your reports, Public Dashboard, and QR codes.

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