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Business Dashboard: alert recipients bug
Business Dashboard: alert recipients bug

Users removed from the Dashboard still receive email alerts

Updated over a week ago

We have identified a bug that results in users being sent email alerts after they have been removed from the Dashboard. We are working to implement a widespread fix. There are still steps you can take until it has been rolled out.

The root of the issue is that removing a user from the dashboard does not update the alert recipient lists automatically. They will no longer be visible in the dashboard recipient list which is misleading.

If you want to be proactive, you can remove the user from the alert(s) before removing access altogether to eliminate the problem from the beginning.


Navigate to the affected alert(s) and press the Save button, even if you've already verified the user is not listed and no changes were made. This will update the recipient list internally and should resolve the issue going forward.

If the user continues to receive emails, contact Airthings Support.

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