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Virtual Sensor - Virus Risk
Updated over a week ago

The Airthings for Business dashboard offers the capability of presenting a Virus Risk for the space bring monitored.

Activating the virus risk indicator

The virus risk indicator is an optional sensor and must be activated in order to generate any insights. Follow these steps to begin calculating virus risk:

  1. Navigate to a building and select a device from the device list.

  2. Switch from the Overview tab to the Settings tab.

  3. Select the Features dropdown.

  4. Turn on the Virus Risk indication.

Once activated, the sensor will need 7 days worth of data in order to generate in a graph.

Understanding risk rating

It should be clearly stated that the virus risk indicator is not a virus presence detector. It does not claim that viruses are present in a given space. It is only a rating of 1-10 on the likelihood that sickness would be transmitted under the given conditions.

The virus risk rating will fluctuate based on the levels of CO2, humidity, and temperature over time. These are the parameters to check if there is a consistently elevated virus risk.

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