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Business Dashboard: User roles and management
Business Dashboard: User roles and management

Learn how to invite and manage users for your Airthings for Business Dashboard.

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Manage users for your Airthings for business Dashboard

Roles: Administrator, Editor, and Viewer

Administrators have unlimited access within business accounts and have the ability to:

  • add new devices

  • edit existing devices

  • add and manage users

  • set up Alerts, and web Integrations( Web-hooks, API end-points)

  • 24/7 access to generating Reports

  • add child accounts (Only available for Partners)

In the Account menu, you can invite new users with a role of your choosing, change roles for existing users, as well as remove users:

For users who have the role of editor or viewer, you can decide if they can see all or specific buildings in the account.
​Below see the User management screen:

Decide to which building(s) an Editor/Viewer access has:

As an Editor, you have access to all of the same features as an Administrator, except for user management.

  • Editors who have access to all buildings are able to set up alerts and integrations.

  • Editors who only have access to specific buildings do not have access to alerts and integrations

The Viewer role has much more limited access, where some of the menus that are available for the other user roles are not available:

Please keep in mind as a Viewer it is not possible to edit, add or remove devices, and they do not have access to Reports.

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