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Business Dashboard: space utilization
Business Dashboard: space utilization

Learn about the Space Usage Insights and how the presence algorithm works

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Space utilization

Discover how your building and rooms are used! Which rooms are always occupied, and which are never used? Do you need more or less office space, or can you optimize how the building is currently being used? What do long-term trends tell us about building and room usage? Which days are the busiest?

To enable Space Usage insights, make sure opening hours are enabled. You can do this in the Building Settings.

The insights are divided into three parts:

Building usage trend

  • See how many of your spaces are used and identify the peak day and hour.

  • The grey zones in the graph represent the opening hours.

Usage over time

  • In the calendar, you can observe busy and quiet days.

  • Click on a day to see which rooms have been in use.

  • Select a room and open the graph to see its usage throughout that day.

Usage by space

Sensor algorithm

The underlying algorithm uses all sensors and some metadata to calculate presence and occupancy. It analyses the room over long periods of time to improve the virtual sensor’s performance. The algorithm also needs a minimum of 8 hours of data without gaps to show the virtual sensors.

The accuracy of the data depends on multiple variables, including:

  • Device placement

  • Room shape

  • Size vs number of people in the room

  • Ventilation system and temperature gradients (mixing of air)

As a result, the algorithm will work best for rooms where the air is mixed evenly for the device to register readings appropriately. Rooms with uneven mixing, such as meeting rooms with open doors or corridors will have less accurate results.

The data will only show if someone was present in the space and is not sufficient for identifying individuals. These sensors will not give real-time presence data such as signaling if seats are in use or not. The sensor is also unable to say if a room is at full capacity.

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